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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the creation of a plan for managing your wealth while you’re alive and distributing it after your death. These assets may be owned by you separately or jointly with others.

Estate planning is the preservation and the distribution of your assets, both during your life and upon your death. It is accomplishing your personal and family goals and easing the management of your financial and legal affairs, as well as minimizing taxes if your estate is large enough for taxes to be of concern. When we talk about an estate, we mean all assets of any value that you own, including real property, business interests, investments, insurance proceeds, personal property and even your personal effects. An “estate plan,” generally, refers to the means by which your estate is passed on to your loved ones on your death. Estate planning can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including:

            Revocable Living Trusts

            Last Will and Testament / Probate

            Lifetime Gifting

            Joint Ownership

            Beneficiary Designations

            Life Estates

Problems often arise when people don’t coordinate all of these methods of passing on their estate. If you have a well-drafted estate plan in place, you will ensure that your estate passes to whom you want, when you want, and is carried out in the manner you’ve chosen. You can rest assured that your family won’t have to endure the public process and costly matter of probate. The government won’t be able to take what you’ve spent a lifetime building. But you need to be aware of the many options that exist in estate planning.  Let us assist you on the path toward preserving your family’s future.



Our Firm’s practice also involves the representation of lending institutions. The attorneys in our Firm have previously served as general counsel and in-house counsel for lending institutions and our practice currently includes representation in all aspects of residential real estate and commercial loans. Our Firm is able to provide closing services to lenders which include title insurance, closing preparation and settlement in accordance with the lender’s closing instructions and closing package. Frequently, representation of lenders includes real estate services. Our firm provides real estate services related to loans for both residential and commercial transactions.


Real Estate

Residential Real Estate:

For most people, the purchase and sale of a home is one of the most significant financial transactions they will ever make. These transactions should be handled carefully by experienced professionals. Hurd, Horvath & Ross handles all aspects of residential real estate transactions. Our firm is experienced in representing sellers, buyers, and lenders in all aspects of real estate closings. When our firm represents the seller and acts as the Closing Agent for the sale of residential property, services provided include reviewing or preparing the contract, conducting the closing, preparing the closing documents, issuing the title insurance commitment and title insurance policies and ensuring that all mortgage loan documentation is properly executed and recorded. Our closing department has attorneys that have been providing these services and title insurance for 35 years. Therefore, you will be dealing with experienced attorneys and staff who are familiar with all aspects of the transaction.

We also represent purchasers of residential properties. We can assist you from the preparation of contract through the closing to ensure that you receive clear title to the home and to further ensure the seller meets all contractual responsibilities in compliance with your contract and provisions of Florida law.

Commercial Real Estate:

Our firm has many years of experience representing sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants and lenders in commercial real estate transactions. Our representation includes negotiating the contract, reviewing or preparing the title insurance commitment, assisting in financing, reviewing documentation and assisting in due diligence as well as preparing the closing documents and acting as the closing agent. Often the purchase of commercial real estate also involves the sale or purchase of a business. Hurd, Horvath & Ross also has many years of experience in the representation of buyers and sellers of their business interests. Our representation over the years includes everything from small commercial transactions to complex multi-million dollar transactions. Our attorneys and staff are fully qualified to handle all aspects of commercial closings.



David E. Horvath has been certified as a Circuit Civil Mediator since 1991. In that capacity he has handled well in excess of 1000 mediations. Alternative Dispute Resolution, of which mediation is a part, provides the parties and the attorneys with the opportunity to resolve their dispute utilizing the services of a mediator who serves as a neutral third party. Many times matters can be resolved, even pre-suit, in a manner that provides a more acceptable result than litigating the dispute in the court system.